Another Blog Start

So making a new start of a blog. Maybe I will write more than a post or two every year. The key thing here is moving to a new platform. After trying to use wordpress for a long time I have found that I really dislike it. Wordpress is very bulky php application that for a single person blog or even a two person blog just seemed overkill and difficult to manage. For running a site with different blogs and lots of writers it probably works fine.

Left with the choice of what blog to move to away from wordpress I thought a lot about overall usage of the blog and which would work best for me. I ended up with just hosting it on github using jekyll and static pages. Seems like the best way to go, I can point my domain name here to make it nice and if anyone wants to see the site code it is available on the project page. Plus Markdown is reasonable to write in and this has enough features to suite me at a price tag that works well.

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